Hi Ladies, we have just launched our new blog! 

This will be a blog that will feature everything fashion, beauty and lifestyle related! 

Our first blog is about getting 'Prepared for Winter' and what exactly you will need for the winter months ahead!

Firstly, every lady needs 2 types of coats in your wardrobe. The first coat is called the 'Dress Coat', this coat won't be considered a practical coat to all you sensible ladies out there, it will be a coat that will have detail and won't be for keeping you dry in the rain. For example check out our Winter Blue Oversized Coat..https://ruby67boutique.com/collections/coats-jackets/products/access-coat-winter-blue?variant=43330264195

Click the link to Shop -> https://ruby67boutique.com/collections/coats-jackets/products/access-coat-winter-blue?variant=43330264195

This coat simply finishes off an outfit! Coat is also available in Black.

The 2nd coat in your wardrobe should be a 'Practical Coat', for those rainy days and yes you definitely might wear it more, especially where we are based in Northern Ireland! It should be waterproof, cosy and have a hood! An example of this one is our Black Snuup Coat, has a black fur collar and a hidden hood as shown in the image below. 



Click the link to shop-> https://ruby67boutique.com/collections/coats-jackets/products/ichi-snuup-jacket-puffa-coat-with-fur-collar-black?variant=44735854403

Happy Shopping Ladies!

We will also feature other fashion bloggers on a monthly basis, yay! 

We would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like featured on our blog posts each week!

Lots of love, 

Ruth xo


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